"RESDN" | J-Murk, Willie Devon, & Icewear Vezzo | (Prod.By) R.j Lamont

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  1. Most definitely hotttt!!!

    • Never seen a betetr post! ICOCBW

  2. All Boss shitttt!!! Keep it Raw and we don’t stop!!! Great lyrics because I know how you SEPARATORS right buy now. Still cold and calculating. Make ‘ em think shit! Very,very good quality on the video production. I I’m feeling hungry for more. ( ENOUGH SAID) when my boys step on the scene! Only 3 words, THERE THEY GO!!!! (Separators)!!!!!!!

    • God, I feel like I shulod be takin notes! Great work

  3. I rock wit the Seps love the album y’all keep it real I’ll keep sharing

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